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Our focus is YOU!  Nothing beats the satisfaction of a job done right the first time, so let us do our job right by helping you do yours right. Our goal is zero permit rejections, and we are constantly refining our work product to meet the changing requirements of each Municipality.


The staff at Category 5 are experts in local Building Permit requirements.  We can take care of as much or as little as you need, from generic wind load charts to complete packages of drawings, floor plan layouts and highlighted Product Approval documents.

Call us for an accurate, on-the-spot wind load calc when quoting or ordering product; often all we need is the job address.

Let us handle your permit rejections; we can contact the Building Department, wade through the code references, and get your paperwork in order while you get back to running your business.  Of course, imagine the time and money saved if you let us handle it for you from the get-go!

Category 5's qualified engineering staff can assist with every design aspect of your window or door installation, from re-framing a porch addition, to compensating for reduced edge-distance in mechanical anchors.

We design aluminum mullion systems, steel posts and cross-beams, custom connections when the NOA doesn't work for your specific situation, block-ups and cut-outs, almost anything!

Our drawings are detailed, site-specific, and tailored to the requirements of the local municipality.  Our co-operative attitude with Building Departments across the tri-county area mean that you get the right information to the right people, right away.
Site-Specific Product Approvals
Category 5 provides the documentation required to obtain local site-specific product approvals, mainly for custom doors.  Our documentation has been standardized and is now familiar to and trusted by many building departments, expediting the approval process.

Florida State Product Approvals
Category 5 evaluates product compliance with the Florida Building Code, based on certified testing or engineering analysis, and provides engineer’s evaluation reports, installation drawings, and application validations.  Our staff can also assist with guiding your product through NAMI certification, and upload to the Florida Product Approval website.

Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptances
Category 5 provides the required approval drawings, engineering analyses, fastener calculations, and glazing load resistance reports for Miami-Dade County NOA applications, both standard, and One-Time.

Category 5 provides on-site inspection of window, door, hurricane shutter, mullion and buck installations.  We verify that the installation of these components meets the requirements of the Florida Building Code, and provide documentation to the local building department.

Category 5 can also provide supervision and inspection of whole-building window and door replacement projects at multi-storey condominium buildings.